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Getting here means you’re looking at rehab options. That means your addiction is at least at a point where you think you might need inpatient rehab. The truth is,

If you think you might need rehab, you need rehab.

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It’s really that simple.

Look at it like this:

Think about someone from your life who was addicted to something, be it drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or even some kind of behavior or hobby. Whenever that person was called out for having an addiction, they always had an excuse that sounded reasonable, including ones like these:

“I could quit whenever I want. I just don’t want to right now.”

“I’ll quit as soon as I finish this project, I’m just stressed out.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s not like I’m hurting anyone.”

“I’m not really addicted, I don’t even do it when I’m alone.”

You see, when someone is addicted to something, their brain finds ways to keep doing that thing for as long and as often as possible. As far as your alcohol or drug addiction is concerned, the fact that you’re thinking about rehab at all should be more than enough proof that you need to go. Your brain has realized your substance abuse is so dangerous that its ability to make excuses to yourself will be pushed aside every once in a while.

When you’re addicted to something, your brain and body will do whatever they can to stay alive,

But that won’t stop an overdose from killing you.

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Even if you think you’re too smart, paranoid, OCD, or in control to keep from overdosing, you’re not. Taking painkillers manufactured by a big pharmaceutical company might also make you think you’ll be fine. The thing is, though, that those medicines are synthesised and developed to be as effective and fast acting as possible. In fact, many of those painkillers can lead to severe side effects even when taking a recommended dosage. When you start taking more and more to keep feeling the drug’s effects, your risk is exponential.

Take it from the person writing this – having a seizure from taking narcotics and slicing your face open millimeters from your eyeball is not fun. And if you’re not the type to worry about your own health or wellbeing,

You’re hurting the people you love.

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You’ve probably told yourself stuff like no one really cares about you or that your addiction doesn’t affect anyone, but that’s not true.

At all.

Not only are the people you love losing sleep over the fact that they think they can’t help you, they’re scared to death you might never recover from your drug addiction or alcoholism.

And if anything permanent did happen to you, they’d spend the rest of their lives blaming themselves for not getting you help when you needed it most. They’d think they were the ones who made all the mistakes because you were an addict.

Here’s the thing, if your drinking or drug use has gotten to a point where it’s not social or if it has had any kind of effect on your life,


Call us today to learn how ending your alcoholism or drug addiction is possible. Your family, friends, coworkers, pets, and yourself will be all the better for it.

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