Individual Addiction Counseling

Individual Addiction Counseling Helps Beat Drug Abuse

Sober living is a journey, but you don’t have to go it alone

When you’re looking for rehabilitation, finding the best facility to address the needs of the patient is obviously an important step to take. Many things come up during this search. Questions like “Will insurance cover rehab?”, “What kind of accommodations do the rehab facilities near me have?” or “What kinds of substances can be treated by rehab?” are all very worth taking into consideration during this stage in an addict’s life. One thing that’s often left unasked in regards to substance abuse, though, is about the importance of individual counseling.

When it comes to recovering from addiction, substance treatment programs around the country have come to understand the power of one-on-one counseling. In these individual meetings, recovering addicts get the personal attention and care they deserve while discovering more about themselves and what has and is the driving force behind their addictions.


Individual Counseling Offers Substantial Benefits

While going to group meetings for recovering alcoholics and substance abusers is a great way to get support from others who have been or are going through similar situations, those sessions are not always enough. In an individual counseling setting, those recovering from substance abuse are offered a much more personal way to deal with and learn about the things that push them toward drugs or alcohol. By being able to identify these causes of substance abuse, patients will also understand how to cope better with stress without feeling like they need to turn back to their drug of choice. This is particularly useful in times where the alcohol or drug abuse comes from dealing with social anxiety, general anxiety, depression, and more.

Still, fighting an addiction can leave a recovering addict with depressive feelings, hopelessness and more. These feelings, while perfectly normal when in rehab aftercare, can often lead people back to prescription drugs, street drugs, and alcoholism. On the other hand, there are also people who take external factors like family interactions, romantic interests, financial stability, and other relationships as triggers to desiring a substance. Speaking alone with a trained professional who cares can help dissuade those cravings and get the patient using healthier methods to cope with their stressors.

You see, one of the main reasons individual counseling is so successful is that the patient and staff member has a chance to focus entirely on what is leading to their addictive states. These sessions also help people get away from feeling like those situations, feelings, and relationships are reasons to drink or do drugs.


Learning the Tools to Live Sober

Counseling sessions where there is only the patient and the therapist gives those recovering from substance abuse the methods needed to stay away from the drugs and alcohol they so readily used in the past. Not only do they learn more about who they are and what makes them tick, but they will discover ways to tackle everyday life without needing a chemical crutch to keep them going. Patients discover that, although not every negative scenario is avoidable, they can deal with those situations in a way that continues to promote recovery and rehabilitation rather than an immediate fix that only leads to huge problems.


Is Individual Counseling Worth it for Recovering Drug Addicts and Alcoholics?

The short answer is “Yes.” Receiving counseling from a therapist whether in a clinic or rehab facility can do wonders for those who really want to beat their addictions. Even better is that most facilities and therapy clinics offer substance abuse therapy sessions, which means it’s really not difficult to find a location that will help you or a loved one’s journey to total and controlled sobriety.

Those dealing with psychological ailments like anxiety and depression will gain a tremendous amount of help by learning healthy and acceptable coping mechanisms for their cravings to drugs or alcohol. However, those in this particular situation should seek fuller programs like those offered in dual-diagnosis rehabilitation centers. Once done with an in-house or intensive outpatient rehab program, individual counseling will help keep them on their newfound path.

Nonetheless, just as every addiction is built differently, the way counseling sessions are treated are just as personal to each client. Some may only need a few weeks or months of one-on-one sessions while others might need years of help. Either way, going to these sessions are an incredible tool to avoid relapse.

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