Health Net Drug Rehab Insurance Coverage

Will Health Net Health Insurance Cover the Cost of Rehab?

does health net pay for insurance

Serenity Placement provides help to those seeking assistance in ending their alcoholism or drug addiction by finding a rehab center that best suits their needs. However, just like some doctors and hospitals will only accept certain types of health insurance, rehabilitation treatment facilities can also be picky about accepting providers. Contrary to what many people tend to believe, much if not all of the costs of your treatment time at a professional rehab facility could be covered by your insurance provider.

When you contact Serenity Placement, make sure to let us know that you have health insurance with Health Net (or any other insurance company for that matter) so we can find the right rehab center for you. By supplying us with that information when you call us looking for help with your or a loved one’s addiction, we’ll be able to pair you with a rehab center capable of maximizing the benefits Health Net offers in regards to ending alcoholism and drug abuse.

That said, by calling Serenity Placement, you’ll save hours of time, because we’ll do the heavy lifting for you. You won’t have to spend hours contacting rehab centers in your area just to see if they accept Health Net. And even if you did find a rehab center that accepts Health Net health insurance, there’s no guarantee that facility is actually the type of rehab center provides the level or type of care that best suits your needs.

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How to Use Health Net for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

One question most people ask us is how they can actually apply their Health Net coverage to the potential costs incurred during rehab treatment. While contacting Health Net directly with questions about what type of services from a rehab center will be covered by the insurance company may seem like a good place to start, it won’t usually yield any worthwhile answers.

Your best bet will be going to a rehab center that has extensive experience working with Health Net. These rehab facilities will know how to receive approval for the services you need to get you on the path to a life of sobriety. Serenity Placement will make sure to connect you with facilities that work well with your health insurance provider whether it is Health Net or another company.

Thankfully, when it comes to what you will need to do to actually use Health Net for drug addiction and alcoholism rehab, all you will need to do yourself is just supply the facility with your insurance policy information. After that, most rehab centers will handle all communication and documentation with Health Net to ensure you are covered for the services and care they provide. Beyond that, there is not much else that you should have to do to use your Health Net health insurance for addiction recovery.

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Health Net Health Insurance Helps Keep Your Life Right During Rehab

Many major insurance providers have an array of perks available to their customers, but which perks are available to you is often dependent on your policy. Health Net’s website gives policyholders access to helpful online tools and resources, which can help them with monitoring their claims activity, seeing their year-to-date deductible, and learning about a variety of health issues and solutions through their digital Wellness Center.

apply to health net online or by phone

Health Net also has a smartphone mobile app giving customers easier access to their personal policy details and the ability to search for in-network providers on the go.

Some Health Net policies could also include an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). In many cases, an EAP can be a major benefit while going through treatment since these programs can help you stay focused and overcome struggles that may be impacting your working hours. These services can help you stay employed while seeking treatment and have been shown to have significant results on those recovering from addictions and other major health issues. An Employee Assistance Program is meant to help you cope with health, emotional, and personal issues so you don’t get overwhelmed by challenges in your life.

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For help finding a rehab center that accepts Health Net health insurance, please contact us at your earliest convenience either through our online contact form or by calling us at 855-750-5984.