UMR Drug and Alcohol Rehab Insurance Coverage

Do My Health Insurance and UMR Membership Cover the Cost of Rehab?

will umr insurance pay for rehab?

Serenity Placement helps people looking for the assistance they need to overcome their alcoholism or drug addiction by finding the best rehab center for their needs. Similar to most healthcare providers and hospitals, sometimes drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers only accept certain insurance providers. Contrary to popular misconceptions, most if not all of the costs associated with receiving treatment at a professional rehab facility could be covered by your insurance provider.

When contacting Serenity Placement, be sure to let us know if who you have health insurance through, or if you have a third-party claims processor like UMR. This information will allow us to pair you with a rehab center capable of meeting your treatment needs that accept your insurance. By pairing you with the right rehabilitation facility, Serenity Placement can help you make sure you’re getting the most benefits out of your insurance coverage for ending drug and alcohol abuse.

Calling us will keep you from having to spend hours of your time searching for and contacting rehab centers in your area to check and see if they accept your insurance and are familiar with UMR. Even if you did manage to find a center that accepts your coverage, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually find the rehabilitation center best equipped to provide the intensity and types of care you’ll need during your recovery.

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Using Your Insurance and UMR for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

A popular question we get asked here at Serenity Placement is how to use your health insurance so that it actually applies to the potential costs associated with rehabilitation services. Contacting your private insurance provider with questions and concerns about what rehab center treatments and services will be covered by them may not always yield the information you need in order to decide on a rehab center. But contacting rehabilitation facilities that have worked closely with your insurance provider before could save you time and prevent confusion.

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Rehab centers that have experience working with private insurance plans and claims processors like UMR will be much better equipped to handle that task for you. They’ll receive approval for the services, treatments, and types of care you need to get started down your path toward sobriety. We’ll be sure to pair you with a rehabilitation center that works with your insurance provider — whether your insurance is through UMR or another company.

Thankfully, very little is needed from you in order for us to pair you with the facility for drug addiction and alcoholism rehab that fits your situation. All you need to do is supply the rehab center of your choice with your insurance policy information and they usually handle the rest. Most rehab centers take control of the communication and documentation processes with your insurance provider to make sure everything for your recovery is in order. Beyond that, there shouldn’t be much else for you to do in order to use your health insurance for addiction recovery.

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Your Health Insurance Can Help You Keep Your Life In Order During Rehab

Since UMR is a branch of United Healthcare, UMR members have access to many of the same benefits as those with United Healthcare insurance directly. As a UMR member, you’re likely covered for many different types of addiction treatment facilities. Medical Detoxification Centers, Inpatient and Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Programs,
Regular Outpatient Programs, and Day Treatment or Partial Hospitalization are likely covered by UMR or your private insurance provider.

Similarly to United Healthcare, UMR’s website contains a wealth of useful information about their services, but also provides members with an online, digital version of their “Healthy You” magazine featuring tips and articles for leading a healthier lifestyle through your recovery process.

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For help finding a rehab center that accepts private insurance and has worked with insurance claims processors like UMR, please contact us at your earliest convenience either through our online contact form or by calling us at 855-750-5984.